We cultivate olives of the varieties: "Picual Badajoz", "Verdial" and "Tradicional" on our estates of Bercial and Cincho.

"Picual Badajoz" Owes its name to the shape of the fruit ending in a peak and to the geographic zone. Oil of great body, fruity green, high intensity of bitterness and spiciness.

"Verdial" This variety is ideal for coupages due to its very sweet taste, with no bitterness or spiciness whatsoever. The tree is excellent as a guideline for other farms.

"Tradicional" From centuries-old olive trees with potent attributes.

Bercial Estate

We have 45 Ha of traditional olive groves and 20 Ha of the variety "Picual Badajoz".

"El Cincho" Estate

We have 80 Ha of the variety "Picual Badajoz" and 10 Ha of "Verdial".

The El Cincho Estate was a university testing ground for a novel water-saving experiment, without affecting the volume and quality of the product.

Santa Inés

Extra Virgin Oil

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