Gertusa Estate

The largest plantations of the company are found in Gertusa (200 Ha of intensive plantations). They are located on the plateaus that have been formed by the Ebro River, producing a curious landscape of meanders, so that the plantations are surrounded by the river, forming a type of peninsula, perfectly integrated in the medium.

The climate of this zone is a transition of Mediterranean climate, with a marked arid Continental influence. The summers are very hot and dry and the winters have some freezes.

The soils that these plantations stand on are poor, shallow and loamy clay, which implies the need for controlled water and fertilizer supply, through fertirrigation.

The combination of soil and climate brings about the production of an olive that ripens in mid-season, and the oils obtained are fine, aromatic and smooth, and slightly greenish-gold.

In Gertusa we have 200 Ha of olive groves and 200,000 Arbequina trees on an area of 957 Ha.

Santa Inés

Extra Virgin Oil

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