The Almazara (Oil Press)

Located in the town of Fuentes de Ebro (Zaragoza), with a direct connection with the estates is the Santa Inés almazara (oil press). Its location ensures fast pressing of the olive maintaining all its nuances.

The Almazara was founded in November 2000, obtaining our first oil that same year with the olives planted in 1996.

Our installations have state-of-the-art technology and are certified according to the most demanding quality protocols. (ISO, HACCP y BRC)

Reception zone

There is maximum coordination for the reception of the goods between the oil press and our plantations. In this way, the olives arrive from the field and are immediately pressed. No more than 6 hours pass from the harvest to pressing.

Pressing zone

With cold-pressing and dual decantation. The extraction is always done below 25ºC, in order for the olive juice to maintain its essential and most peculiar characteristics. This entire process is performed with machinery equipped with the latest technology.

Cellar zone

With no windows and controlled temperature. It has 12 stainless steel tanks with a capacity of 52,000 litres. The tanks are inerted with nitrogen to prevent the oxidation of the product and guarantee perfect conservation during the entire harvest.

Filtration zone

The oil is filtered to obtain a product with more transparency, brighter and more attractive, maintaining maximum freshness.

Bottling zone

Insulated. The bottling machine leaves traces of nitrogen in the bottle to create an inert atmosphere in the container, copying the system of the tanks in the cellar zone.

Santa Inés

Extra Virgin Oil

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