Santa Bárbara Estate

This is our estate with the earliest harvest. Santa Barbara is located on the Mequinenza reservoir (Aragon Sea), with a climate of transition between Mediterranean and arid Continental, which gives it an especially suitable microclimate for olive cultivation.

The plantations are located on old terraces of the Ebro River, on limy soils with a certain amount of gravel, and with very good aeration and filtration. This soil-climate combination brings about early ripening of the olive; thus, we obtain fine oils, with greenish tones and a high content in aromas of fresh herbs and slightly bitter and spicy tastes.

The plantations are fully integrated in the landscape and located on an authentic lake, thus obtaining the most environmentally friendly oil production.

Currently we have 40 Ha and 30,000 Arbequina trees on an area of 600 Ha.

Santa Inés

Extra Virgin Oil

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