In Andalucia we cultivate the varieties Arbequina, Sikitita, Arbosana, Picual and Hojiblanca on our Buitrago estates in Carmona (Seville) and Santa María del Pilar in Villarrasa (Huelva).


Arbequina: It is the most international variety, producing delicate, fruity oils, perfect for pairing. With more bitter and spicier attributes than the Arbequina of the North of Spain.

Picual: Most widely planted variety in the world and the most widespread in Andalucia. Oil with great body, normally bitter and spicy. Varying between Continental and Mediterranean climate.

Hojiblanca: The name comes from the colour of the back side of the leaf that gives a light colour to the tree. Sweet at the start of the tasting, green fruit bitterness and an almond aftertaste.

Arbosana: From the Catalan zone of Penedés. It possibly takes its name from the town of L´Arboc. Medium content in oil with much appreciated organoleptic properties which are a perfect complement to the freshness of the Sikitita, the body of the Picual and the delicateness Arbequina.

Sikitita: We are the first breeders and we have the largest area planted in Spain of this variety. Presented in February 2007 at the University of Cordoba. A natural cross between Picual and Arbequina. Very smooth and fresh oils are obtained from it.

Buitrago Estate in Carmona

The olive cultivation tradition has existed since Roman times. We cultivate the Arbequina variety with 44 Ha and 74,800 trees. The Buitrago estate has a very rich soil and a Mediterranean climate.

Santa Inés maintains continuous collaboration and exchange of "Know How" with the University of Cordoba (Spain), a leading centre worldwide in Olive cultivation. In fact, we recently signed a collaboration agreement to house and experiment at our Buitragro estate all the new varieties that the University is working on.

Santa Maria del Pilar Estate in Villarrasa

Santa Maria del Pilar is located in the province of Huelva between the towns of Villarrasa and Niebla. It is in the middle of the Sierra de Huelva which provides it with a wide temperature range.

The predominant soil is loamy clay and gravel. The Tinto Reiver divides it in two. We have 85 Ha devoted to olive cultivation on a total estate area of 1,170 Ha.

We cultivate the varieties Arbequina with 56 hectares and 92,000 trees, Sikitita with 16´71 Ha and 29,180 trees, Picual with 1´15 Ha and 474 trees, and Hojiblanca with 1 Ha and 366 trees.

Santa Inés

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